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Uniform information

Why do we wear uniforms at Delta View?

  • Studies show a decrease in behavior that negatively impacts the school and classroom learning environments when children wear uniforms
  • Uniforms shift the focus from what children are wearing to what students are learning.
  • Other advantages of uniforms:
    • Preventing gang colors, etc. in schools
    • Decreasing violence and theft because of clothing and shoes
    • Instilling discipline among students
    • Reducing distractions for students
    • Instilling a sense of community

Please use the following information as you shop for back-to-school clothing.

The Delta View uniform for all  T K through fifth grade students  is:

  • Students are to wear navy blue uniform pants, shorts, jumpers or skorts and collared white or navy blue shirt (no jeans , or sweat pants or t-shirts).
  • All shirts that are worn under uniforms must be navy blue or white. ( long sleeve shirts in the cold weather are acceptable under a uniform but they must be white or navy blue.)
  • All students are to wear athletic shoes (no boots or sandals).  No lights, glitter or wheels on shoes.
  • All socks, tights, and leggings are to be navy blue or white. No patterned leggings!
  • Sweatshirt, sweater or jacket can be of any color 
  • Spirit Days:  On designated Spirit Days, a Delta View logo T-shirt or sweatshirt may be substituted for a uniform shirt and worn with navy blue uniform pants, shorts, skirt, skort, or jumper only.

Uniform suppliers
There are also many online uniform suppliers. Some have been listed here as a sample of suppliers who carry uniforms. We do not endorse any of these uniform suppliers, links are provided as a convenience.

Children's Wear Outlet

French Toast

Land's End

Revisado- La Política de Uniforme de Delta View para 2012-2013

Por favor utilice la siguiente información para comprar ropa de regreso a la escuela.

El uniforme de Delta View para los alumnos de Kindergarten hasta quinto grado es:

  • Los niñosdeben usar pantalones del uniforme azul marino o pantalones cortos y camisa de cuello blanco o azul marino (no jeans o camisetas).
  • Las niñasdeben usar pantalones de uniforme azul marino, tiro corto, o skort y una blusa con cuello, de color blanco o azul marino (no jeans o camisetas).
  • Camisetasque se usan de bajo de los uniformes deben ser azul marino o blanco.
  • Estudiantes debenusar zapatos atléticos (sin botas o sandalias). Sin luces, el brillo o las ruedas en los zapatos.
  • Calcetines,medias y leotardos deben ser de color azul marino o blanco.
  • Sudadera, suéter o chaqueta
  • Días de Espíritu: En los días designados como Días de Espíritu, se puede susbtituir una camiseta o sudadera con el logo de Delta View con los pantalones largos de uniforme, pantalones cortos, faldas, falda-pantalones, o jumpers de uniforme de color azul marino.