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Delta View Elementary School

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 Daily learning attendance

Students are expected to participate in daily live interaction and instruction on a daily basis. Students who do not participate in the Online class meetings and complete daily class work, will be marked absent. If your child will be absent, please call the main office at (925)261-0240. Include your student's name, teacher, and reason for absence. Thank you! 

New To Delta View:

Please visit for information you will need to provide our office and then apply online at Then call our office to set up an appointment to finalize your registration. We look forward to having you join the Delta View Community. 

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Field Trips


Please note that you, or your student(s), are not required to purchase, donate, or contribute any portion of the costs ...more

Need to Borrow A Chromebook?

Please contact our office at (925) 261-0240 to make arrangements to reserve a Chromebook for your child. 


At Delta View, we educate students to acquire life-long learning skills (both academic and social-emotional), so they can develop mastery and demonstrate knowledge to be career and college ready.

Delta View Elementary School provides a safe, respectful community that inspires and empowers life-long learners.  Students participate in meaningful standards-based instruction which promotes academic excellence through independent learning, critical thinking, and creative expression.  Cultural diversity is honored and celebrated.  Delta View educators promote a collaborative community that encourages a climate of clear communication, problem solving, and responsible citizenship. 

Grades: 1-5


7:50AM to 2:30PM


7:50AM to 1:10PM




7:50AM to 11:15AM
(lunch is optional after dismissal)


9:50 AM TO 1:15PM

(No early out Wednesdays)



Before and After School daycare for pre-k through 5th Grade provided by Dianne Adair on campus.

Dear Families, 

We are all doing our best to navigate this difficult time, and we understand that may look different for each family. With that in mind, we are providing some basic recommendations for all families to follow with regard to continuing student learning during the school closure. Teachers will be reaching out to families directly to answer any questions you have and to share grade-level specific resources. During this time, students will not be graded on any of the material provided or be held accountable for any of the content upon their return to school, however, we do encourage you to do what you can. Students can bring samples of their work back to school to share with the class. Be sure to reach out to your child’s teacher for support, if needed.  

General recommendations:

  1. Try to establish a daily routine. This will provide children with a sense of safety and security in an otherwise unsettling situation, and help them transition back to school when the time comes.
  2. Limit screen time to 1.5 hours (this includes online learning tools, video games, etc.), and limit sessions to 30 minutes (recommended by the AAP and WHO)
  3. Review basic academic skills.
  4. Wash your hands a lot, and practice ‘social distancing’!
  5. Have fun with your family!

Daily Academic Options:

  • Read, or be read to (20 min. for K-2 students, 30 min. for 3rd-5th graders)
  • Journal Writing - 
    • K/1 - Practice writing the alphabet or sight words, draw a picture and write a sentence or two about it.
    • 2-5 - Record daily thoughts, 3 Gratitudes, memorable events, etc.
  • Practice Math Facts (make it fun!)
  • Complete one hour of physical activity - outside or inside.
  • Complete i-Ready Reading lessons (no more than 2/day) 
  • Complete i-Ready Math lessons (no more than 2/day)
  • Practice typing skills
  • Explore available resources and activities in