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Delta View Elementary School

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Absence Reporting

If you think your child will be absent, please call the attendance number at (925)-682-8000 (ext. 84210) Include your student's name, teacher, and reason for absence. Thank you!

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Field Trips


Please note that you, or your student(s), are not required to purchase, donate, or contribute any portion of the costs ...more


Whats Happening at Delta View?

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Before and After School daycare for pre-k through 5th Grade provided by Dianne Adair on campus.

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Uniform Information


Delta View Elementary will have the following

Non-School days

Monday 2/10 -

Teacher in-service training


Friday 2/14 & Monday 2/17-

In honor of President’s Day

Cal SCHLS California School Parent Survey (CSPS)

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Your student will be taking the California Healthy Kids Survey soon.  We want to hear from you as well.  We would appreciate your participation in the a CA School Parent Survey (CSPS).  Your survey responses are anonymous.  This is an opportunity for parents to confidentially communicate their perceptions and concerns about the school and its environment. 

MDUSD values the survey data for addressing the needs of students, improving the learning and teaching conditions, and addressing LCAP requirements.  Each family is invited to participate in the CA School Parent Survey (CSPS) however, there should only be one survey participant per student. 

Parents can access surveys in the following languages online or on paper:  English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Hindi, Korean, and Vietnamese.  Your student’s school will put a link on their web page or you will be able to go to the district web page to access the surveys online. 

Parents can access surveys in the following languages on paper:  Arabic, Armenian, Cambodian, Farsi, Hebrew, Punjabi, Russian, Somali, Tagalog, and Thai.  Please let your school office staff know if you would like a paper copy of the survey in one of these languages. 

If you have any questions about this survey or your rights contact Linda Pete; MDUSD Administrator, Student Services at 925-682-8000, Ext 4061.


Queridos Padres o Tutores,

Su estudiante tomará la Encuesta California Niños Saludables pronto. Queremos saber de usted también. Agradeceríamos su participación en la Encuesta de Padres en Escuelas de California (CSPS). Sus respuestas a la encuesta son anónimas. Esta es una oportunidad para que los padres comuniquen confidencialmente sus percepciones y preocupaciones sobre la escuela y su entorno.

MDUSD valora los datos de la encuesta para abordar las necesidades de los estudiantes, mejorar las condiciones de aprendizaje y enseñanza y abordar los requisitos de LCAP. Cada familia está invitada a participar en la Encuesta de Padres en Escuelas de California (CSPS), sin embargo, solo debe haber un participante en la encuesta por estudiante.

Los padres pueden acceder a las encuestas en los siguientes idiomas en línea o en papel: inglés, español, chino (simplificado y tradicional), hindi, coreano y vietnamita. La escuela de su estudiante colocará un enlace en su página web o podrá acceder a la página web del distrito para acceder a las encuestas en línea.

Los padres pueden acceder a las encuestas en los siguientes idiomas en papel: árabe, armenio, camboyano, farsi, hebreo, punjabi, ruso, somalí, tagalo y tailandés. Informe al personal de la oficina de su escuela si desea una copia impresa de la encuesta en uno de estos idiomas.

Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre esta encuesta o sus derechos, comuníquese con Linda Pete; Administrador del MDUSD, Servicios Estudiantiles al 925-682-8000, Ext 4061.



Grades: 1-5


7:50AM to 2:30PM


7:50AM to 1:10PM




7:50AM to 11:15AM
(lunch is optional after dismissal)


9:50 AM TO 1:15PM

(No early out Wednesdays)


During the first week of school, we focus on teaching the school-wide rules, behavioral expectations, and routines to all students across all settings in the school.  The staff organizes a set of events to provide students and staff with an entertaining, memorable, and positive first week of school in which everyone learns the rules, expectations, and routines throughout the entire school. 

One of the major reasons to teach behavioral expectations and routines across settings is so all staff agrees on what is expected. A second major reason is that we cannot always assume students know the expectations and routines.

Having a few simple, positively stated rules facilitates the teaching of behavioral expectations across school settings because students will be learning through the same language.  By focusing on 3 simple rules it is easier for students to remember.  It is also important for staff because instruction focusing on a few simple rules improves teaching and consistency across staff through the use of a common language.