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Technology Resources for Teachers Locker


I use a tablet as a station ( center ) If your groups are small enough this works

If you are doing the Daily Five it is great for Word Work

Here are some good apps for Word Work 


Tips from a first grade teacher

Second Grade

Resources and APPS for second grade

Third Grade

Resources for third grade


Resources for 4th


Technology Resources for Teachers


The district had a class this summer on the use of Google Drive. I did not attend, of course, but spoke to someone who did and she filled me in. I have been using it and it is very much like word. It is just a small learning curve, but I recommend it so that you can share and edit your documents. No more need for flash drives or emailing documents- it is with you wherever you go. The spreadsheets are similar to excel and slides is comparable to Powerpoint. This will be a great tool for the classroom. Imagine assigning your students a project, such as the State Report. A group would be able to collaborate in the lab or at home by use of Google Slides.  Parents would be able to view their child's work as well. You could also easily check on the progress the teams are making by accessing the drive accounts.  If student are assigned a paper you would be able to go in and check progress and suggest edits. 

I am going to research projects that may be of interest and post to this site. 

Training from Google

Visit this site to get training on Google Docs and Apps.  There are courses that you can take, for free, online. 

The Use of Technology

 In order for our children to gain the necessary 21st century skills, technology must be used for more than test taking, practice, and reading. These are great innovations, but using the computer for skills practice is just another tool in our arsenal. However, we need to get students engaged in the use of technology to express ideas, do research, and make presentations. 


As discussed the lab time needs to be split between iready practice and the use of technology in the area of writing. By writing it is not meant that students will use word processing to type his/her document. It is the use of digital story telling tools. Students in the 4th and 5th grade can use Google Doc's to work on a group project. Check out the various links and share your own ideas. 

i pad multimedia tools


This site has a lot of different demo's of student work using different apps.

Digital Book Reports

Apps and ideas on this link 


I pad resources from Apple

Apple has some resources - click here  The link on Apps in the classroom will give you some good guidence

Break Down of Tech Plan

It is the MDUSD’s vision to include technology to support our district's student achievement of Common Core content standards and 21st Century Skills.


 Objective 3d.1.1: By June 2017, 100% of core subjects teachers will use technology to improve delivery of instruction and to assist students in meeting language, math, science, and history/social studies standards as outlined in Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) item 1.1.11 and evidenced by the Technology Uses and Perceptions Survey (TUPS) and Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) and Observation tool (TIM-O).


Goal 3f.1: Increase awareness among administrators and improve the ability of staff, and students in MDUSD to distinguish lawful from unlawful uses of copyrighted works, which shall include the following: understand and applying the concept and purpose of copyright and fair use, have the ability to distinguish lawful from unlawful downloading of files, and avoid plagiarism


Goal 3g.1: Increase student, teacher and administrator awareness of safe, secure, legal and ethical use of the Internet and other forms of electronic communication through a Cyber safety and Cyber bullying program of instruction for students so that students understand how to be protect their identity, remain safe from online predators and gain knowledge of the proper uses of technology within a safe environment.


Goal 3i.1: Utilize technology to make student record keeping and assessment more efficient and supportive of teachers’ efforts to meet individual student academic needs.


Objective 3i.1.3: Use the existing special education information system (SEIS) to track all Individual Education Plan (IEP) information, and use SSTOnline to document the general education intervention process.


Goal 3j.1: All teachers and administrators will make use of technology tools to enhance and improve communication between home and school by using services such as voice mail, email, and web-based services.




Goal 4b.1: Teachers will be trained on technology integration and district approved technology tools to support the Common Core State Standards-based curriculum.




Slide Show

15 tips for the 1 ipad classroom

15 ideas from We Are Teachers blog site  The blue links take you to the App 

  1. No more squabbles: Use Stick Pick to help kids take turns.
  2. Too Noisy lets students know if they are being too loud.
  3. Kids who show good behavior in Class Dojo can earn iPad time.
  4. Tick-tock: Classroom Timer counts down to the next activity.
  5. Set up an easy listening station with Audiobooks from Audible.
  6. Try writing collaborative class stories using Storybook Maker.
  7. Accelerated Reader quizzes are more fun when taken on the iPad!
  8. Invite kids to take turns sharing the Random Fact of the Day.
  9. Use a projector and Google Earth to take virtual field trips.
  10. Track reading progress with Running Records Calculator.
  11. Give struggling students a virtual tutor with HMH Math on the Spot.
  12. Do independent research using Encyclopaedia Britannica.
  13. Study both geography and weather patterns withWunderMap.
  14. Study time! Kids will love the interactive Flashcards+.
  15. Finally: The Scoreboard tracks smilies or frownies for good behavior!